4 Ways to Keep Your Children’s Eyes Protected This Spring

The spring’s warm sun and blooming flowers make it hard to resist the outdoors, especially if you’re a kid who has been cooped up all winter. The strong UV rays and high pollen count, however, may cause uncomfortable eye conditions. In today’s post, your expert eye doctor from Grove City Vision Center shares four tips to keep your children’s eyes protected this season.

1. Set an Allotted Time for Outdoor Activities

Prolonged sun exposure is the root cause of eye sunburn and other UV-induced vision problems. This is why we recommend limiting the time your children spend outdoors. This method can also reduce their risk of acquiring springtime eye allergies. Make sure they wash their hands regularly as well to keep them from contaminating their eyes with pollen and other allergens.

2. Have Them Wear Protective Gear When Going Outside

Wearing sunglasses with UV protective features is one of the most reliable ways to protect your children’s eyes. Since their eyes are still developing, our expert optometrists explain that they are more susceptible to developing UV-related eye changes than adults. If your child is sensitive to pollen, we suggest giving them a mask to wear when spending prolonged periods of time outside.

3. Take Them to the Eye Doctor for a Checkup

We can perform a comprehensive eye exam to check for any signs of vision problems. During the visit, we also suggest helping them choose their own pair of sunglasses, which should encourage them to wear their specs more often.

4. Follow Our Prescribed Treatment

After your child’s spring eye exam, our expert eye doctor may recommend taking certain medications. If we confirm springtime eye allergies, for example, we may prescribe antihistamines or decongestants to relieve their itchy and watery eyes and clogged nose. We may also suggest applying artificial eye drops to keep their eyes moisturized for their improved visual comfort.

By following these four spring eye care tips, you can help your kids fully enjoy spring outdoor activities. Call us today at 614-875-8373 or send us a message to request an appointment. We serve various Ohio communities, including Columbus and Grove City.

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