Purchasing the Right Eyeglasses for Your Face

At Grove City Vision Center, we understand the importance of your decision in eyewear. When you purchase eyeglasses in Columbus, Ohio, or a surrounding area, they need to work well with the shape of your face and the lifestyle you live. Our selection doesn’t just give you a small choice. It gives you options that allow you to pick out the right frames. From the color and the style to the material the glasses are made from, you’ve got a lot to consider. Don’t worry though. Our professionals are eager to help you find the perfect frames so you walk out of here looking good and seeing just fine.

What We Offer

In considering your eyewear, you might take a look at some of these options:

  • Designer Frames – We carry some of the top designer frames. They come in sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.
  • Specialty Frames – This includes protective eyewear, sports glasses and scuba diving eyewear.
  • Sunglasses – We have these available as prescription glasses or just your typical sunglasses, depending on your needs.
  • Computer Glasses – These are designed specifically to help with the visual needs that accompany extended use of computer screens.
  • Contacts – If eyeglasses don’t suit your lifestyle, contacts might be the answer.
  • Lens Treatments – This type of treatment eliminates a glares, scratches and ultraviolet rays.
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Helping You With Your New Eyewear

When it comes to your eyewear, we want to make sure the entire process is easy. We offer the option of ordering contact lenses online if that’s most convenient. We have an online eyeglass guide that helps you determine which types of frames will fit your lifestyle and personal needs. Our doctors and staff members are knowledgeable and helpful and will always ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

Advanced Treatment in New Eyeglasses in Columbus Ohio

As the world advances around you, technology is constantly changing how we treat common eye conditions. At Grove City Vision Center, we have the state of the art technology and training on the latest methods to treat many eye conditions that affect our patients. Ranging from the mild irritation to vision loss, we have everything here in store to ensure that your vision is protected, including contact lenses and HD eyeglasses in Columbus Ohio.

If you wear glasses and have 20/20 vision with them on, but are still unsatisfied with the way you see, you may benefit from HD lenses. You may have a higher-order aberration that affects how you see even with eyeglasses that are the right prescription.

Sharper Vision

New technology and recent advances in manufacturing have made it possible for eyeglass lenses to correct some aberrations. This will give you sharper vision than you’ve ever had, even with eyeglasses. HD eyeglass lenses are intended to give sharper vision in all different types of lighting conditions and minimize glare for night vision tasks and driving.

At Grove City Vision Center, we’ll perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine what eyeglass lenses are right to make your vision essentially perfect. If you still don’t see the way you want to, we’ll consider HD eyeglass lenses to give you the sharp vision you’ve always wanted.

We also offer LASIK and refractive surgery co-management to ensure that you can correct your vision if you prefer to. Our treatment options offer you better vision, additional comfort, and a treatment plan you can feel good about.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information about our eyeglasses in Columbus, Ohio, and neighboring areas, contact Grove City Vision Center today. We’ll help you choose the right lenses to help you see better, and present you with options that are within your budget. Give us a call at 614-875-8373 or schedule an appointment online.

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