Q and A: Why Are My Eyes Red?

Have your eyes taken on a red appearance? Are they itchy and irritable? In today’s post, your trusted eye clinic, Grove City Vision Center, answers some common questions about red eyes.

What Are the Common Causes of Red Eyes?

The white part of your eye, also known as sclera, turns red when its blood vessels rupture. This can occur suddenly or it may develop gradually over a period of time. One or both eyes may be affected.

Sleep deprivation, prolonged use of electronic devices, and smoking are some common causes of red eyes. Improper care and handling of your contact lenses can also contribute to red eyes. If you are experiencing red eyes, we may suggest wearing eyeglasses while symptoms persist.

What Eye Conditions Can Turn My Eyes Red?

Conjunctivitis, also referred to as “pink eye,” occurs when the inner tissue lining of your eyelid becomes inflamed, and is a common cause of red eyes. Dry eye syndrome may also irritate your eyes and cause them to turn red. Allergies to certain substances may trigger histamine release from your immune system. This inflammatory reaction may cause blood vessel dilation, which may manifest as itchy, watery, and bloodshot eyes.

What Other Symptoms Are Related to Red Eyes?

Eye redness may be accompanied by pain, swelling, or itchiness as part of an inflammatory response. You may also have eye discharge and blurred vision. If you experience any of these symptoms, visit our eye specialists immediately so we can perform a comprehensive eye exam.

What Are the Suggested Remedies?

Our treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your red eyes. We may instruct you to apply cold compresses on your eyes to reduce the redness and relieve your discomfort. We may also prescribe certain eye drops, antibiotics, or other anti-inflammatory medications depending on your particular needs.

For premier total eye care services, you can turn to Grove City Vision Center. In addition to red eyes, we can also manage various ocular diseases and provide effective vision correction treatments, like LASIK. Call us today at 614-875-8373 for more information about red eyes. You may also send us a message to schedule a visit. We serve Columbus and other nearby Ohio areas.

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